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Complete Shade Solutions

Care and Maintenance:

Our equipment is constructed form hardwearing materials and components; nevertheless, most shade products require regular care and maintenance for safety and long life. We recommend that all clients institute and adhere to an inspection and maintenance program.

Shade products are designed to move in windy conditions. Because of this you should regularly check bolts, fitting, posts, footings, etc. especially after heavy winds or storms. In severe weather we recommend temporarily removing the fabric cover of your shade product to ensure long life.

Fittings should be inspected regularly and replaced as deemed necessarily.

We also suggest the shade structure be cleaned with a high-pressure hose.

Warranty Statement

Complete Shade Solutions Guarantee all Shade Structures for 10 years on UV degradation and 3 years on a pro-rata basis against structural and manufacturing defects unless otherwise specifically outlined.

This warranty excludes the following:

. Damage by mechanical means, abrasions or chemicals.

. Damage caused by severe weather.

. Damage caused by vandalism.

. Damage caused by incorrect or faulty installation (where installation is not completed by Complete Shade Solutions).

. Theft

. Damage caused by normal wear and tear.

. Damage to existing fixtures or fittings

Complete Shade Solutions accept no liability for damage caused to existing structures or buildings

Complete Shade Solutions suggest that our clients extend their insurance policies to cover the shade structure.